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How to Handle College Admission Period

How to Handle College Admission Period photo

With college admission period drawing upon, college applicants are getting ready to hear their admission decisions. Everyone is longing to find out whether they have gained enough scores to get in. As a result, the pressure becomes relentless. While it is difficult to resist the natural sense of competition, there are things that may help to avoid stressing during this time.  In the picture of the ramped up desire to overcome the other competitors, there are things that might help you to release the grip of the uncertainty stress.

Don’t show off

You’ll certainly be over the moon once you receive a thick envelope with an admission offer from a college. Not to mention that you’d want to tell everyone you know about your remarkable success. There is nothing extraordinary in it, but you may want to refrain from blurting too much about it. For one, not everyone is as lucky as you to receive a congratulation letter. Secondly, there are still people waiting for the feedbacks. If asked, share the news, but don’t try to rub the fact of your success. Of course, this is something to be happy about, but consider other’s people feelings too.

Fight the green-eyed monster

The rivalry during college admission period is fierce. All of this is combined with a desire to overshine the others that inevitably leads to the occasional flickers of jealousy. Comparing your achievements to those of your peers will only make you aggravating. If anything, jealousy just diminishes your accomplishment, so be careful not to fall for it.

Handle rejections with decency

If you have received your first rejection letter, don’t fall into despair. Instead try to be well-equipped to deal with the negative response and recognize other options. If initially you brushed away some admission options for the sake of others, it’s time to go back and reconsider them. The rejection from one school doesn’t mean that you will wind empty-handed.

In any case, education is what you manage to make of it. Even if you are not attending a stellar college, it doesn’t absolutely mean that you can’t stand a chance to gain knowledge and competence. At times, school’s name turns into what is someone just brags about. Yet attending college is more than that, everyone admits it. It’s about sharing experiences, facing endless opportunities and becoming a professional. As much as you are making the biggest decision of your life, avoid thinking that your choice is worse than others’. In the long run, it’s your achievements that matter.” alt=”” class=”wp-image-269″/>

About the author: Vicky Feinstein, degreed psychologist specializing in teen’s psychology. She currently teaches psychology classes at the University of Southampton. Runs her own blog devoted to kinds of teen stress. Currently is occupied at as a freelance researcher.