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Distance Learning: Beware of the Dangers

Distance Learning: Beware of the Dangers photo

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So, you are thinking about getting your degree online. It seems perfect – cheaper, more available, less obligatory staff and more freedom. At some point it gets so attractive that you wonder why not everyone chooses this over regular campus education. The answer is, because of reasons – and plenty of them. Before you plummet yourself into this affair, try to learn more about what to expect and what to beware of.

First of all, check credentials of the very program you chose to enroll in. Even though it might be a great university you are applying to with all those nice and loud titles, their distance learning programs have to be certified by an authorized body. In another case you will spend time and money (even if it was not THAT expensive) on a piece of paper hardly recognized by employers. The program might be still good, but what will you do without a valid diploma?

Secondly, if you finished school not so long ago and are choosing between campus and distance learning, don’t forget to consider the ‘feeling’ part of being a college student. Although quite hard and challenging, college years are remembered with warmth and admiration as the best time of every person’s life. You don’t want to miss that, not for a million dollars. The opportunity to leave next door to your friends, end up at a party almost every day and have loads and loads of fun is something distance learning will never give you. Do not underestimate it.

Then, there is the time-management problem. At first every distance learning student seems very enthusiastic and boastful of managing his own studying time. But as the program progresses, fewer of them are so confident about their time-management skills and in the end only the most disciplined succeed. Not that anyone doubts your talents, it’s just that planning your time properly and making yourself work when you can have fun instead is harder than it seems.

Are you a type of person who wants individual attention of your instructor? You can forget about that if you choose distance learning. You are left to yourself and no one will help you find materials and conduct research. No one will make you attend lectures either. You are all alone and that might lead you into the hands of professional services such as Not that it is so bad, but in case of campus learning the probability of you needing that kind of help is lower.

Still sure you want to try? Then go for it. Truth be told, this kind of education has multiple advantages and with due diligence conducted you can choose a program to satisfy your needs. Good luck with that!

Gerard Stone graduated from Columbia University in 2001 and has been writing for different online resources since then. Co-founder of a few educational consultancy websites such as and an active member of its writing team. His primary focus is on international educational issues and new technologies.