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Cookies Policy

We want you to be fully aware of our work principles and ways we treat and use your information. Therefore, we would like to inform you that our website uses cookies to get some behavioral information about our clients. Read on to learn what does it mean.

What are cookie files?

When you access our website, the server sends small text files to your computer. Each visitor receives a unique set of cookies that reveal his/her actions on the resource. There are session-based files and persistent files. Cookies of the first type are active while you are browsing the website. Cookies of the second type remain in your browser until you delete them or they expire.

How do we use cookies?

We use both types of cookies to let you get the most of our website and access its full functionality. Cookies serve to ensure convenient navigation, safety, customization, speed, and analysis. Some cookie files work to let your account stay active and remember you as a visitor.

We also use Google Analytics to find out more about your preferences and possible problems you may encounter when using our resource. They provide us with auditing, statistics, and reporting information for marketing research.

Types of cookies we use

  • Security

Cookies help us make our resource safe and prevent any hacker attacks, including malware and fishing.

  • Authentication

Cookies keep you logged in to your account and ensure that your user experience is personalized.

  • Features and services

Cookies provide you with various features and content available on  our site. Also, they serve to let you fill out the Order form properly.

  • Marketing

Cookies help us learn how you interact with our site. With this data, we come up with efficient marketing campaigns and track their performance.

  • Research and analysis

With the help of cookies, we learn if our site is convenient enough. Also, we use them to understand and improve your experience, when it comes to website performance and service accessibility.

Disabling cookies

If you don’t want us to gather cookies information from you, you can disable them from your browser. Please note, that when you do so, some of the features we provide will become unavailable. Consider the fact that you won’t be able to fill out the Order form, when cookies are disabled. This way, you won’t have an opportunity to receive our academic writing/editing assistance. What is more, by disabling cookies, you can worsen the website functionality and user experience. Without cookies, the website features won’t be personalized anymore and you may lose the customized settings as well as login information.

Overall, cookies don’t provide us with any personal information, which might be confidential. This data is general and reveals the way you use our resource. If you have any questions about our Cookies Policy, make sure to give us a call or write an email. Our Customer Support will reply as soon as possible and clarify the details.