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Brooklyn Bridge

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Visiting the Brooklyn Bridge is an awe-capturing moment that I have ever had in my entire life. Previously, I had a desire of visiting this place and often underscored its importance. At some point, I offered a self-consolation for my absence to bond with the bridge, saying that after all, it is just an ordinary bridge, and it would have no difference not visiting this place. Little did I know that the Brooklyn Bridge was one of the kind iconic places in the USA. Indeed, I realized that many tourists thronged the place from all walks of life to come and witness this historic piece of construction. Indeed, I was fascinated by the overwhelming beauty that I experienced while at the bridge. This memoir gives a compelling self-account of my experience at the Brooklyn Bridge, and the manner in which it transformed my perception of such iconic places.

Initially, my perception was quite raw of this bridge, and as stated before, I did not expect to have a strange experience rather than the familiarity that bridges invoke. This journey would take about 10 hours before we could make it to the venue. Just before we made it there, I began witnessing unusual tension, and at fast, I thought that it was a normal Friday traffic. Meanwhile, I did not imagine that we would be stuck for so long in traffic considering that New York City has a good traffic management system. So, at one point, I got concerned that the prevailing situation was not quite normal, and only wished that I made it fast enough to the Iconic structure. Principally, my timing for the visit came on July, 4th of 2018, when New York City is teeming with visitors and tourists. During this time, many visitors come to the city to have a view of some spectacular constructions. Therefore, 3 p.m. was a busy time to visit, and I encountered many revelers coming to enjoy the elevated view created by the cable bridge. Notably, the temperate was quite during this time, but I had to carry a long some heavy sweaters, in case of a sudden change in the weather pattern, which is occasioned to evening hours around Brooklyn.

The reality of coming to terms with this iconic structure was quite unparalleled to the ordinary belief that I had. The Brooklyn Bridge is quite sensational, giving a spectacular view of New York City from a higher elevation. Specifically, I preferred Brooklyn Bridge to other Iconic structures because it gave me the opportunity to walk on a cable-bridge suspension. Besides, it provided a good view of Brooklyn Park, and a chance to connect from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The desire to have this experience was unmatched to visiting any other destination.

I did not believe my eyes the moment I got to the bridge. I had never thought that a bridge would attract a multitude of people from different corners of the world. Sometimes, I joked off when people reiterated that Brooklyn Bridge is a major center of tourist attraction in New York City. In fact, I dismissed such claims citing that bridges are normal constructions that would not attract heist and enthusiasm among the people. My notion and long-held belief were significantly challenged by what I saw; the spectacular view of Brooklyn Park, and other iconic building from a cable-bridge suspension.

Principally, the strange reality engulfed me the moment that I began walking across the long bridge. At first, I was afraid that the tendrils that suspend the bridge would snap, and that is where a catastrophe would be apparent. Meanwhile, I got assurance from the officers managing the bridge that it is impossible for the bridge to snap since it has withstood the test of time. On the same note, the many revelers taking pictures and having ice-cream on the bridge catapulted my confidence.

In fact, I decided to be part of the millions who come and bond on this iconic construction. I, therefore, became anxious and made the right move to join my friends on the long stretch-way. The experience was exciting as we advanced over the 1.8 kilometer bridge, but I felt threatened whenever I looked down. The height was terrifying, but I enjoyed walking on the bridge alongside many people. Personally, I have had fear for heights, especially above water, but the moment at the Brooklyn Bridge, however tormenting, proved to be a rare experience in a lifetime.

Notably, as I traversed along the bridge, I was carried away by all the advertisement regarding the magical sceneries offered by the bridge that at one point drifted my attention from the amazing features of this bridge. One of the most noticeable things is traffic on the bridge. Considerably, natives and tourists all throng the bridge during the July, seventh as a way of relaxing and viewing the New York City from the bridge. Indeed, huge crowds of people were unsettling, but later got accustomed to it as a characteristic feature of such iconic landmarks, especially during the peak time of the year. The bridge which is already a designated landmark receives a lot of visitors not mentioning the regular New Yorkers going about their business (Mayakovsky and George 48).

Particularly, as experienced by many sightseers, I experienced loss of sovereignty which is common when visiting historic landmarks. After walking for a short distance, I could not help but notice the scenery that is supposed to be magical. This feeling was particularly magnified by tour guides who made the site symbolically complex as I had already formed expectations of the tour based on my friends who had visited the bridge. According to Percy, (60), many tourists are distracted from enjoying their tourism destination, but instead concentrates on the past descriptions of the canyon and formulates a future perception by taking the picture instead of experiencing the moment. I must admit that Percy’s assertion was somehow apparent in my case, but this only happened after spending hours walking along the bridge.

Furthermore, the breathtaking sites of the falling sunset offered a new zest to this tour. I noticed many couples get engaged as they focused their eyes on the eye-rendering view of the New York City from the elevation provided by the bridge. The breeze from the Manhattan river, which runs beneath the bridge, the large as well as the small boats smoothly cruising on top of the river and the fast-moving cars on the bridge quickly reminded me of the reason why the bridge is the most visited in the world (Whitman). Indeed, I took some good time on the bridge, even I witnessed more visitors coming in and out of the bridge. The most exciting moment came shortly after 7 p.m. This is the time that I managed to view the wonders of Brooklyn and New York City. The illumination from the Stature of Liberty made my heart jump in excitement.

In conclusion, the visit to the Brooklyn Bridge provided me with a rare chance to experience one of the most iconic engineering landmarks in the world. The bridge has a history that stretches over decades. This strange and fascinating experience challenged my long-held notion that Brooklyn Bridge was just any ordinary bridge. Therefore, my perception changed from a dismissal perspective to a more reasonable one after witnessing the view of New York City’s beautiful features from the bridge. Besides, the timing was rife as I interacted with natives as well as tourists from abroad. I came to realize that the place is full of life and a magical feel.

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